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Alejandro Laura
Alejandro Laura
Ingeniero Civil

Soy Ingeniero Civil, recibido en al año 2012 en la UTN (Universidad Tecnologica Nacional de Argentina) en la Facultad Regional Bahía Blanca.

Durante mi vida profesional, me he desempeñado en diversas areas de la ingenieria. Tanto en el a

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trayectoria profesional


feb 2021 - sep 2023
Design of structures - Structural calculations - AxisVM software - Constructionmanagement - Leading the group, 3 people


mar 2015 - sep 2022
AOL Ingenieria is a company dedicated to the commercialization of industrialproducts, market development, and technical solutions with the products sold.It is an official distributor of ATLAS COPCO and representative of NETZCHpumps, INTECHSEAL seals, and FLEXSEAL gaskets. I conducted trainingsessions for end-customers and participated in exhibitions such as Oil&Gasand Distributors' meetings. Newsletters. Ability to not only ideate but alsoto track and turn ideas into reality. Experience in using digital tools. InternalCommunications. Achievements:Created and positioned AOL with its own identityDeveloped the company's website, YouTube channel, branded van, andmarketing materials.Led a team of 3 collaborators.Preparation of Job Descriptions and Task ProceduresLaunched the distribution of Atlas Copco's Torque Tools division. Within fiveyears, we positioned the brand as the second-highest market share in thecountry, behind only the primary competitor."


ene 2009 - ene 2020
Understanding the client's needs -> developing a solution -> selling it ->executing itAlways true to my roots, I have maintained a strong connection with theconstruction and infrastructure industry throughout my career. I beganworking in this field even before graduating, surrounding myself with excellentprofessionals who provided me with solid training in my early years. I havehad the opportunity to participate in various infrastructure projects, including effluent treatment plants, water and sewer networks, stormwater drainage,roads and curbs in park neighborhoods, and family homes, among others.After graduating, I worked as a Technical Representative on city projects. Ihave also worked independently in the design, construction, and restorationof single-family and multi-family homes, as well as in the restoration of oldbuildings. I have always relied on a team of professionals and specialists indifferent disciplines whom I have successfully coordinated to meet clients'expectations. I am grateful to all those who have been part of my professionalcareer and have helped me grow in this exciting field.My greatest achievements in this field have been the human relationshipsI forged, both with clients and with the teams I had the opportunity to lead,which were made up of architects, designers, supervisors, foremen, installers,and many others. These relationships have been instrumental in successfullycompleting projects and have taught me invaluable lessons in leadership,teamwork, and communication.


nov 2008 - mar 2015
EagleBurgmann is a global manufacturer and supplier of sealing technologiesfor various industries. As part of the recently inaugurated EagleBurgmann Argentina, a subsidiary ofEagleBurgmann Do Brasil, I worked as the responsible person for developingbusiness in the Industrial Pole of Bahía Blanca.As a Senior Sales Engineer, my main responsibilities included identifyingpotential clients, building relationships, providing technical expertise, creatingand presenting sales presentations, negotiating contracts, collaborating withcross-functional teams, meeting sales targets, providing post-sales support,tracking P&L and OTD, and staying up-to-date with industry trends.I was also responsible for managing strategic accounts, business growth,and providing field and engineering advisory services. I conducted trainingsessions for end customers and participated in exhibitions such as Oil & Gasand annual sales meetings. Some of my achievements during my time at EagleBurgmann include:As part of the EagleBurgmann Argentina team in its early stages, togetherwith the management and the rest of the team, we achieved to reach thebreakeven point and start generating profits for the company.Development of a Framework Contract for Mechanical Seal MaintenanceServices with Bahia Blanca Refinery.Project Management for Plant Shutdown: Replacement of Expansion Joints03/04/U-50 for Blowers at Urea Granulation Plant, Profertil Bahia Blanca. Year2014. www.eagleburgmann.com

TECPRON (Business Tecpron e Ing. S.A) ACCOUNT MANAGER

oct 2007 - oct 2008
was responsible for the Commercial Area at Tecpron, a company thatprovides interdisciplinary engineering services. During my time at thecompany, I worked closely with the commercial team at Alas Ingeniería (nowHexagon) to consolidate Tecpron's identity as an independent companyand develop new business. My responsibilities included identifying andunderstanding customer needs, developing customer relationships, managingthe customer portfolio, collaborating with other departments, and increasingsales. https://tecpron.com.ar/


ene 2005 - sep 2007
Civil Plans - On-site Surveys - AutoCAD - Environmental Impact Studies -Report Control - Pressure VesselsSafety and Environmental Protection - Process Industries www.arrietafiotto.com.ar

Ingeniero Carlos Di Marco (Unipar) AUTOCAD DESIGNER

mar 2003 - dic 2004
isometric drawings, supports, drawing of detailed engineering plans. Detailengineering.
Nuestros cursos
Nanomáster en estructuras de madera
Itinerarios formativos, Destacados y Todos
65 h.
Resistencia de Materiales
Hormigón, Todos, Destacados, Otros y Metálicas y Mixtas
90 h.
Nanomáster de Estructuras de hormigón
Itinerarios formativos, Hormigón y Todos
150 h.
Fisuración en hormigón armado
Todos y Hormigón
22 h.
Comunicación efectiva
Gestión y Todos
10 h.
Nanomáster en Patología y refuerzo de estructuras existentes
Itinerarios formativos, Patología y rehabilitación y Todos
185 h.
Patología y refuerzo de estructuras de hormigón
Patología y rehabilitación, Todos, Destacados y Hormigón
40 h.
Estructuras metálicas: domina los fundamentos
Metálicas y Mixtas, Todos y Destacados
22 h.
Colección Refuerzo con FRP
Todos y Itinerarios formativos
40 h.
Refuerzo de estructuras de hormigón con FRP
Hormigón, Todos y Patología y rehabilitación
30 h.
Diseño estructural con STATIK - Curso completo
Todos y Itinerarios formativos
110 h.
Diseño estructural con FAGUS
Todos, Software Cubus y Destacados
37 h.
Diseño de elementos estructurales lineales con FAGUS y STATIK
Todos, Software Cubus y Itinerarios formativos
100 h.
Diseño estructural con CEDRUS
Todos y Software Cubus
55 h.
Uniones atornilladas en estructuras de acero
Metálicas y Mixtas y Todos
30 h.
Fiabilidad estructural con métodos probabilistas
Hormigón, Todos y Patología y rehabilitación
40 h.
Colección Cubus
Todos, Software Cubus y Itinerarios formativos
140 h.
Fuego en estructuras de madera
Todos y Madera
10 h.
Patologías Geotécnicas en Edificación
Todos, Geotecnia y Patología y rehabilitación
30 h.
Gestión de transporte público: autobús y ferrocarril
Gestión, Transporte y Todos
60 h.
Nanomáster en Depuración de aguas residuales
Todos, Itinerarios formativos y Aguas
150 h.
Colección Acero ++
Todos, Itinerarios formativos y Metálicas y Mixtas
90 h.
Estadística aplicada
Gestión y Todos
60 h.
Sistema Diédrico
35 h.
Pandeo e inestabilidad de estructuras
Todos y Destacados
30 h.
Cálculo de pórticos y arcos
Todos y Hormigón
35 h.
Colección Fundamentos del Cálculo Estructural
Todos y Itinerarios formativos
150 h.
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